Creating a job requisition
HireBee's job requisitions are the perfect replacement for paperwork and emails for hiring teams. Here's how to get started.
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To create a job requisition, you’ll need to:

  1. Click the Jobs drop-down menu in the left side-bar.

  2. Click on Job Requisitions.

  3. Click Create Job Requisition in the centre or top-right of your screen.

Now, all you’ll need to do is to fill out the required and optional fields to create a job requisition with sufficient information. Here is the information you’ll need to enter to successfully create a job requisition.

Announcement Purpose (required):

  • You’ll need to specify whether your job opening will be internal (for current employees to apply to) or external (for the public to apply to).

Basic Job Information (required):

  • The job title. Enter a job title which clearly describes the position you’re looking to fill.

  • The job type. You’ll need to specify what type of contract the employee will be under. Will the position be full-time, part-time, remote, an internship, etc.?

  • The job category. The job should be categorized by its field of work.

  • The required candidate level, which refers to the seniority level of the position.

  • The country and city of the job opening.

Salary and More (optional):

  • Just as the rest of the information under this category, the filling out of this information is optional. But if you do choose to put a salary, you’ll need to first specify whether the salary is the net or the gross amount.

  • To put a salary, you’ll need to put the range of the currency and the currency. The range of the salary means putting in the rough estimate of the minimum and maximum values of the salary.

  • The headcount, which refers to how many positions you’re looking to fill.

  • The deadline by which you’re looking to fill the job opening.

Instructions for the Requisition Flow (required):

  • By default, you will be put as the requisition owner, highlighting you as the creator of the requisition, waiting for approval.

  • However, you will need to put in who the requisition manager is, who you’re seeking approval from. You will have the usernames of your team members from which you’ll have to select from. The job requisition will then be sent to your team member’s job requisition list, where they’ll be able to manage the job requisition.

Comments and Additional Information (optional):

  • The extent of information which the requisition owner wants to relay to the requisition manager is up to your HR team. You have the option to go into great detail about the responsibilities of the new job position in the description box, as well as give your thoughts in the comments box.

  • The optional fields in which you can add supplementary information about the new job position have a neat layout, where it’ll be easy to insert and review information. For example, there are optional fields for department/structural subdivision which the new job position will be incorporated in, the basis for opening a job for the requisition manager to get a general idea of why the company needs this position (which can be expanded upon in the comments box), and the probation period tasks for the new hire.

  • Additionally, requisition managers can include the working conditions for the new job position. Things like the direct supervisor of the position, the vacation days count, workplace, duration of the probation period/duration of the employment contract, additional benefits, and the work schedule fall under this bracket.

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