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Hirebee is perfect tool for colaborate with colleagues who are involved in hiring process.

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It's very easy to add other team members to your company account.

To see existing and add new team members, you'll need to:

  1. Click the Tools and Templates drop-down menu in the left side-bar.

  2. Click on Team members.

  3. Now you can see all company users, and if you need to add new team member, please click on Add Company user

In opened popup you need to:

  1. Fill First name and Last name of your team member

  2. Fill your team member's email

  3. Select your team tember's role(you can give different permissions to different users): Sr. Recruiter, Recruiter, Hiring manager or Custom role created by you. If you want to add user with Admin role, please contact with us via email

  4. Click Save

After doing this actions, your colleague will receive automatically email with the link to set password. After setting password your teammate will be able to login to Hirebee account accordingly the permissions of his role.

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