You can select roles from one of 4 default roles or create custom role with permissions that you will assign to this role.
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It's very important to set right permissions to your team members, and Hirebee helps you to handle with this.

To see existing and add/edit custom roles, you'll need to:

  1. Click the Tools and Templates drop-down menu in the left side-bar.

  2. Click on Roles.

  3. Now you can see all roles, and if you need to add new custom role, please click on Add user role (You can have up to 4 custom roles).

There is a table with Features and Roles. There are 7 groups of features, and if you need to expand the features list you need to click on the group name (f.e. "Candidates connected") and you will see what features are included in each role.

Please note: You can't edit permissions of default roles.

Please note: There are some interconnected features that should be given if select some another feature when you will set permissions for custom roles (to give/remove permission just tick the checkbox. If checkbox is disabled, it means that you can't remove this permission until you will remove checkbox for interconnected permission)

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