To start searching you need to:

  1. Click the Candidates drop-down menu in the left side-bar.

  2. Click on Search.

  3. Now you can see all parametrs that you can use to search candidates in your database

You can use these search criterias:

  • Keywords - search by words that are used in candidates profiles and CVs

  • First name/Last name - search by candidate's name

  • Email - search by candidate's email

  • Phone - search by candidate's phone number

  • Age - filter by candidate's age

  • Experience - filter by candidate's experience

  • Languages - filter by languages

  • Hashtags - filter by hashtags

  • Skills - filter by skills

  • Country/City - filter by location

  • Salary - filter by mentioned salary

  • Type of employment - filter by type of employment

  • Driving licence/photo - you can remove from search results candidates without photo/driving licences

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