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Hirebee provides a lot of actions and features connected with applicant's profile

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To open an applicant profile you need to:

  1. Click the Candidates drop-down menu in the left side-bar.

  2. Click on Applicants.

  3. Click on Applicant you want to open and you will see applicant's profile.

There is general information including AI ranking and contact details on the top of profile.

Then there are 6 tabs:

  1. CV details - all candidate's data, including work experience, educations, skills and etc,

  2. Application form - here is the application form and cover letter that were sent by applicant

  3. Feedback - feedback for this candidate that was given by you or your team members

  4. Attachments - any attachments connected with this applicant you can collect in this tab

  5. Mailbox - you can send new email or view another mails connected with applicant

  6. Activity - all actions connected with applicant are logged in activity tab (f.e. applied jobs, changed status, sent email and etc.)

From the CV tab you can click the Application History button where you can track which jobs the applicant is connected to.

Besides these tabs, there are a lot of another actions that you can do with applicant:

  • Download CV: By clicking download CV you can easily download the applicant CV.

  • Assign to another job: Here you can choose one or more active positions to assign to the candidate. After assigning, the candidate will be listed as an applicant.

  • Invite for another job: You can choose more than one vacant position (if applicable). If you choose more than one position, a consolidated email will be sent with a link to each job position.

  • Add to a group: You can add candidate to the groups you want.

  • Add to calendar: Plan an event filling the right sections.

  • Add a reminder: Add a reminder filling the right sections.

  • Send offer: Massage candidates and send them offer with this button.

  • Block: if you block candidates you will not get any applications form them anymore, but you can unblock the candidates whenever you want.

  • Change status: Change candidate status by clicking this button.

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